Introducing Automated WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

I’ve created a forked version of the popular WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. This new version uses a python script/GUI that completely automates the renaming of every file, every function, and every class name. No more missing a file name or function to match your new plugin name.

Check out the README and follow the instructions on the repo to get started. Questions, comments, feature requests are all welcomed.

jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0 Alpha Versions Released

There are actually two releases here. First is jQuery 3.0, which supports modern browsers and environments from IE9 forward. Second is jQuery Compat 3.0, which includes support for IE8. As an added bonus, both jQuery and jQuery Compat will include support for Yandex.Browser, a freeware browser released in 2012. You can get the files from the jQuery CDN, or link to them directly.

Source: jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0 Alpha Versions Released | Official jQuery Blog

Dropbox Adds Two-Step Verification, 1Password Users Asked to Wait.

The popular backup and file syncing service, Dropbox, has just announced that two-factor authentication is now available for users.

This is great news and it’s nice to see more and more websites start to use two-factor authentication.

Dropbox Two-Step Verification
Enabling Two-Step Authentication for Dropbox.

If you don’t use 1Password app, you should go enable it now.

1Password Users, Hold on a Sec.

For those of us who use 1Password, you might be surprised to hear that the 1Password team recommends that most users should wait a bit while a few things are tested and looked into.

This is mostly due to it being a very new feature with little documentation, and the team wants to ensure should anything go wrong or get stolen, your data is always accessible.

The “Agile Bits” team (creators of 1Password app) always does an amazing job at explaining their decisions and app in depth, so I highly recommend you read their post before enabling two-factor auth in Dropbox.

The 1Password team specifically updated their post with the following optimistic snippet:

In conjunction with Dropbox moving this out of beta and the experience of lots of 1Password users switching over to two-step authentication, I’ve become much more optimistic about when we will feel more comfortable recommending this to 1Password users. I changed my guess of “months” to “weeks”

So there you have it. If you don’t use a password manager (bad computer user, bad!) then you should enable this right away. If you do use the 1Password app or a similar password manager, you should read the blog post first and make your own decision.

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Mac OS X Gestures Freeze or Stop Working? Here’s a Quick Fix.

Update: Alfred extension released for those of you who would prefer not to tinker with Terminal. See bottom of this post.

Mac OS X gestures freeze or stop working? Perhaps your hot corners or Launchpad also stopped working? I’ve also experienced this and have a quick one-line fix.

Here’s what usually happens:

  • You’ve been on your Mac for a while and suddenly gestures aren’t working for you.
  • Clicking on “Mission Control” and “Launchpad” don’t work.
  • Hot corners also may not be working during this time.

If you’ve experienced any of the issues with gestures as described above, the good news is there is a quick fix.

What’s the fix?

The fix is to restart or “kill” the dock. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. This won’t close any of your currently running apps, but the dock will disappear for a bit, restart, and then re-appear.

To do this, fire up Terminal and type the following:

killall Dock

That’s it. Your dock will restart and your gestures and hot corners should work again.

What Causes This?

I’m not sure why gestures randomly freeze or stop working. I don’t think it’s a 3rd party software conflict as I’ve had this happen while only running Safari.

I’ve seen a few forum threads from a google search with many users having the same issue, so I assume it will be fixed by Apple as they polish gestures up a bit. If you have any insight or suggestions please do leave them in the comments section.

I’m also considering making an Alfred extension for those of us who don’t always have the Terminal ready and waiting, or, for those who don’t feel comfortable with the Terminal/CLI.

Update: Alfred extension “Mac OS X Gestures Freeze Fix” has been developed and released for all of you Alfred users.

More plugins and Alfred scripts I’ve created can be found at

My Software – Subdomain Launched and Being Updated

I’ve finally found some free time to get a new sub domain setup for all of the software I’ve created.

You can check out the new site at

I’ll be merging my existing software, plugins, & extensions into the site over time. Many of the plugins and extensions from (now closed) will be merged into the new site as well.

I’ve just added an Alfred App extension to allow you to toggle hidden files super quickly on your system. I’ve also put up a much requested update about the “Are You Sure?” WordPress plugin that some of you used in the past.

If you have some time to swing by the new site or give it a share, I’d appreciate it.

Stay well and keep smiling. 🙂