Adding Custom Header Images to Plugins

While reading WPCandy’s “Recap: Matt Mullenweg’s 2012 State of the Word“, I came across a note about custom plugin header images.

This may not be news to some plugin devs, but you are now able to use your own custom header image for your WordPress plugins hosted on

If you don’t spend much time browsing the actual plugins directory, you may not have noticed this. A great example of a custom plugin image in use is the infamous “Hello Dolly” plugin hosted on

Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin Showing Custom Header
Hello Dolly page showing custom header image in use. Click for larger view.

The image needs to be a 772×250 pixel jpeg or png. This goes into your plugin’s SVN directory with the path assets/banner-772x250.(jpg|png).  Resources to get started with custom header images for your WordPress plugin:

Be warned, Matt has stated that this will most likely change in the future. If anyone has any more up to date details or resources, please let me know in the comments.