Terminal command to get the weather in your area

Ever wanted to get the local weather report via your terminal/shell? With the below shell command you can do so easily.

Add it to your .bash_profile, fill in your zip and location where I’ve noted, and you’ve got the weather report showing in your shell. Simply type weather to run the command after filling in your details.

Resource – URL Rewriting for the Fearful




Fantastic article by Drew McLellan on using url rewriting in your .htaccess files. Covers basics and real world examples. Great as a resource for order of operations, common flags, pitfalls, and sample code. Heavy emphasis on rewriting used by common web frameworks, such as rewriting every request to a master URL for MVC delegation.


  • URL rewrites will send new matching URLs through the rest of your rules. Use the “L” flag or plan accordingly by having “real” files in an excluded directory.
  • Another resource linked from the article – mod_rewrite Beginners guide.