[WordPress] Resource – Loading Parent Styles for Child Themes

The always insightful Justin Tadlock has posted a great post on how best to handle stylesheets in child themes. Though there are many options for this, including the infamous @import technique, Justin recommends loading the styles directly from the parent theme itself. It’s a simple but effective solution that should work for 99% of cases.

Loading Parent Styles for Child WordPress Themes.

Resource – Responsinator

A simple website for testing device widths for the most common Apple and Android devices. Remember –  it’s no replacement for actually testing on these devices along with as many widths and breakpoints as possible. Also remember, device-agnostic responsive sites should be the true goal. However, for basic development and simple testing this is a nice resource.


Resource – URL Rewriting for the Fearful




Fantastic article by Drew McLellan on using url rewriting in your .htaccess files. Covers basics and real world examples. Great as a resource for order of operations, common flags, pitfalls, and sample code. Heavy emphasis on rewriting used by common web frameworks, such as rewriting every request to a master URL for MVC delegation.


  • URL rewrites will send new matching URLs through the rest of your rules. Use the “L” flag or plan accordingly by having “real” files in an excluded directory.
  • Another resource linked from the article – mod_rewrite Beginners guide.

Resource – Intro to Grunt by Chris Coyier on 24 Ways





Fantastic resource on getting started with Grunt.js. Practical implementations of script concats, minimizing, and automation. Recommend as a simple resource and starting template for many common web site tasks.